desr is a package used for Differental Equation Symmetry Reduction and is particularly useful for reducing the number of parameters in dynamical systems. It implements algorithms outlined by Evelyne Hubert and George Labahn [Hubert2013c].

The Masters dissertation Differential Algebra and Applications that inspired this project places the algorithms into the theoretical framework of differential algebraic geometry and shows how to extend them to parameter reduction of arbitrary systems of partial differential equations, though this is not yet implemented.


This package requires the Sympy package.


To install, download the package and run:

python install

Running the tests

Doctests are included in most files. To run them, simply run the module. E.g. “python -m doctest -v”

Built With

  • Sphinx - Used to generate the docs.


Submissions for contribution are always welcome.


  • Richard Tanburn - Initial work


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


  • Dr Heather Harrington and Dr Emilie Dufresne for their supervision of the dissertation.
  • Thomas Close for writing his diophantine module, which is included in this package.